Ultimate guide on Headbands

Headbands have been a trend ever since the 80s, the times when the world got to witness most of the school going girls wearing those attractive pieces and surprisingly historians believe that this trend has been popular since the times of ancient Greeks. Well, as per the current trends, we have seen royals defining their looks by wearing an on-point headband even with the formal dresses. Copying a fashion trend is easy but owning it completely might be the real task.

So, keeping the concern in mind, we have gathered useful information to guide you regarding the headband’s trend, reasons to wear it and effective ways to own it completely.

Types of headbands

types of headbands

When we hear the word headband, we refer to only two or three types of them. However, there are a lot of many types of existing. So, before we move any further, let’s have a quick look at the types of headbands that are present in the market so as to make it easier to understand for our valued readers.

The key is to know exactly where and what to wear to keep up with the fashion trend and slay your look like any other fashionista.

Headbands for Women

Now, headbands are a great piece of hair accessories that give a sparkling and prominent definition to the entire look and that’s exactly why we have started noticing more of them from the fashion ramps. The beauty of women accessories is that you can play with the colors, style, and designs as much as you want. Similarly, there are different headbands for women to wear on different occasions. Let’s talk about a few of them.


Satin headband

When you are not planning to overdress and wishing to keep the look casual, a satin headband is something that blends perfectly with the overall appearance. There are a hundred of designs that you may get on a satin headband. For e.g. plain, sequins, pearls, and embellished design, etc.

Scarf Headbands

The best choice for a funky look is a scarf headband! With ultimately attractive prints and soft yet glossy fabric, scarf headbands are definitely a venter of attraction that complements the entire look and enhance the attractiveness.

Beaded Headband

Forget about heavy hairstyling over formal attire. Simply grab yourself a beaded headband that oozes those royal feels and augment the look to let you create a statement through your physical appearance.

Toothed Headband

Ever imagined how much part a headband can play in your life? A comb toothed headband is something that you may carry on a professional meeting. It gives those tough vibes to the people and makes you look ultimately sharp and bold as well as confident in your own skin.

Headbands for Men

Another misconception among people is that the headbands are only meant to be women’s fashion accessories. Scroll down to burst this myth bubble.


Did you all forget The Undertaker wearing a bandana in 2004 at his wrestling matches? Yes, bandana exactly falls in the category of a headband which is for both men and women. However, men are most likely to wear them.


Another attractive headband trend among men is a hippie, which gives the funky vibes and the “happy-go-lucky” kind of feels. Mostly singers and other music artists are seen owning this trend.


Like women wearing scarf headbands, handkerchiefs are common among men. Which is “hands down” the most attractive thing a man can wear. Simple jeans and a T-shirt with handkerchiefs as a headband and striking pair of sunglasses are the hottest combos you’ll ever witness.

Sports Headbands


Keep in mind that the sports headbands are not just the property of Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis at the Wimbledon, they are ideal for gym and workout sessions as they are meant to absorb the sweat and help you stay focused towards your goal. They are mostly available in cotton fabric to keep you at ease during the grinding session. Moreover, both men and women may wear sports headbands and emit those sporty vibes like a pro.

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